The objective of this blog is to be a tutorial to realize a high speed gateway to anonymize the Internet traffic and routing it to the main free spaces in the Internet.

The idea has born from the need to force myself to improve my privacy in my daily web surfing without renouncing too much to the performance and to have always available, with any workstation, the most important anonymous networks and services.

The Anonymous Gateway is a set of open source software customized to work together on a standard *nix platform.

Every post will be a "how to" configure every client and every server to reach the goal: a centralized set of tools for anonymization.

Every services is a world of knowledge and I will be glad if anyone will want to contribute to improve performance, security or anything else.

It would be nice developing a "simple web admin interface"; now I'm using a simple aggregation of links to the specific consoles or to the virtual hosts: I'm a sysadmin not a developer.

I hope this blog will also be useful to everyone looking for tutorials with working configurations of the most used open source software in server systems.

I used an Ubuntu Gnu/Linux server 12.04 (LTS) with apparmor enabled and with all its standard repository packages, included I2P repository for "Precise" mantained by KillYourTV (thank you!).

Keep at it; it will be of use as we move forward in the neonet
Comment by agora mar 25 mar 2014 05:18:44 UTC